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Sonyi Pest Control has been in the industry since 2005, providing solutions for your pest problems by integrating various methods, depending on clients’ condition.
Since then until the present day, our passion has grown more and more, combined with numerous experiences in and out of the field, we have become better in being Your Trusted Partner in Pest Management Services.
In order to protect your health, property, business and comfort, we can help you with following services:

  • Termite Control
  • Rat (Rodent) Control
  • General Pest Control (mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies, ants)
  • Other Pest



Termites are social insects with different types of individuals in a colony (reproductive, worker and soldier). They enter your building through joint, crack and other openings. Property owners need to be aware of the destruction termite can cause.
More houses are damaged by termites rather than fire.

General Pest

As important vector or transmitter of diseases, when combined they caused the highest numbers of human death, more than any other animal (and they are very annoying too). These insects are abundant throughout our tropical country, live in wide range of environments. Inspection and identification process are crucial in determining the most suitable method of control.

Rodent (Rat)

They carry diseases and contaminate our place of activities.
They linked with our environment, especially for food, water and shelter. Some are curious, while some are cautious.
Different types of behavior require different approaches.


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