Swarmer Termites

Termite swarms occur when mature, winged adult termites, called alates, emerge from their colony via exits called flight slits in an effort to find a place to reproduce and establish a new colony.

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Meet Our Team

Sonyi's pest control team can help with advice and treatment of pest problems that pose a public health risk.

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Termite Treatment

We have several options that can protect you from a future invasion or put an end to your current termite troubles

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Termite Management

Conventional System

Solutions are continually being updated with new products that offer better, quicker, safer and more effective solutions.

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Termite Management

Piping System

Piping systems are designed to replenish chemicals to the soil and areas under concrete such as the perimeters of houses.

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General Pest Management

Pest elimination is required for food service facilities.

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Rodent Management

Anticoagulant rodenticides, which present a relatively low hazard to people and pets, will help to reduce the rodent population.

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